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Kierunek: Foreign Policy Studies (in English)

Kategoria: Stosunki międzynarodowe

Czas trwania (semestry): 2

Opis kierunku

English-language programme is being jointly offered by Collegium Civitas.

Rapid and diverse patterns of change in the international environment, as well as an emergence of new actors in global affairs reinforce the need for expertise on contemporary foreign policy. This course meets this demand by providing participants with an unparalleled opportunity to develop their expertise and skills in foreign policy analysis and international relations and combine this with tailor-made diplomatic and professional training led by the experienced practitioners, academics and think-tankers.
Objectives and learning outcomes

By following the course students will become specialists in contemporary foreign policy. Participants will build-upon and gain new knowledge in a wide range of the contemporary foreign policy issues and diplomacy relevant to an array of professional careers. Students will acquire expertise and develop a sophisticated understanding of the dynamics of change in the foreign policies of various states and regions, including Poland and Central Europe, North America, the EU, China, Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood and the wider Middle East. Students will also advance their analytical capacities of the ‘risks and challenges’ associated with such topics and themes as energy security, proliferation, missile defence systems, global economic governance, migration, climate change and the politics of humanitarian assistance and development policy. Students will not only develop expertise in these areas, but also learn about the strategies being developed by states and international organisations to meet new and emerging challenges.
On top of this, the course will enable students to refine existing competences and gain new skills essential for their career advancement in a range of professional environments. Students will receive practitioner-led tutorials, carry out presentations and write policy-style reports.

The target audience:

The programme will meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals, including those already working within national administrations, embassies, international organisations and NGOs, as well as those aspiring to work in these areas. It will also serve the interests of individuals working in commerce, where business and trade is subject to fast-moving global political and economic developments. The programme will also appeal to those who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of international relations and gain valuable diplomatic skills for general career development or simply for personal achievement. The programme will also be valuable for existing students who would like to supplement their current studies with a foreign policy specialisation.

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