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Kierunek: Digital Communication and Social Media for Management

Opis kierunku

The BA in Digital Communication & Social Media for Management study programme meets the latest requirements of the labour market both in Poland and abroad and as such focuses on the broadly understood digital communication, with an emphasis on social media, which the students are exploring and learning from the point of view of management. The study programme offers the students opportunities for holistic development, as our goal is to equip the graduates not only with hard analytical skills, but to combine them with soft skills, too. The graduates will be able to move smoothly in the digital communication and social media environment, being able to plan, prepare, and audit the activities carried out.

Zasady rekrutacji

konkurs świadectw
Przedmiot obowiązkowy: język angielski
Przedmiot wymagany do wyboru: geografia, historia, informatyka, matematyka, WOS, język obcy nowożytny
Przedmiot niewymagany do wyboru: biologia, chemia, fizyka, geografia, historia, informatyka, matematyka, WOS


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