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Kierunek: Bachelor of international business

Wydział: Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych

Opis kierunku

Tomorrows manager is a person successfully functioning in a complex international environment. The necessity is to combine knowledge of advanced technologies with building interpersonal relations with partners from other cultures. In order to meet the expectations we have designed unique studies, fully in English, at the renowned university. We offer both undergraduate (Bachelors degree) and graduate program (Masters degree).

Bachelor in International Business

You will become an expert in international business and improve your position in the job market. The graduate will be equipped with skills helping to appreciate economic, political and cultural dimensions of global business. Excellent knowledge of international issues thanks to the participation in prestigious studies will open many doors in the business world. The graduate will be prepared to play an active role in multinational corporations, export companies, strategic consultancy and financial institutions.
During the 3 years of study you will participate in various projects and improve your skills by formulating business strategies and solving economic problems. Participating in the program will increase your chances for career in multinational corporations and international organizations.

Master in International Business

The studies have been designed for students wanting to broaden their knowledge and strengthen their leadership and managerial abilities. The participants of the program aim at working in a multicultural environment requiring high qualifications and language skills. Successful completion of the studies will help to take prominent positions in top international companies.
This is an intensive, full-time program, for top-notch students. During the 2 years of study you will review some of the international business issues, but mostly comprehend higher level topics. The program consists of specialisation modules focused on solving advanced business problems.
Masters program in International Business is open to candidates with an undergraduate degree or equivalent and English proficiency. We invite all candidates with some or no professional experience.


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